Travel insurance policy overview

Who can purchase cover

Annual travel insurance is available to all UK residents under the age of 84 years of age (at commencement of trip) who are registered with a GP in the UK. If your reach the age of 85 during the period of insurance, cover will continue until the next renewal date but notthereafter.

Our singe-trip travel policy has no age restriction, the insurance is available to all.

Excess (what is not covered)

We do not cover the first £50 of each and every claim per incident claimed for under this section by each insured person.

What trips can be covered by this insurance

Due to the flexible nature of our underwriting we are able to offer cover for almost any trip

The terms shown herein can only be used for Holiday travel and where: -

Cover for business trips or trips involving hazardous activities or hazardous destinations may be available, please provide us with full information for terms to be considered.

Period of Insurance

For all Sections other than Cancellation, cover operates during the Period of Insurance selected, from the time the Insured Person leaves home or place of employment at the commencement of the trip (whichever is the later) during the whole time away and until return to home or place of employment (whichever is the earlier).

Cancellation cover operates from the date of booking a trip or the Date of Issue of the Certificate, whichever is the later, up until commencement of the trip.


This Insurance is cancelable within 14 days if you feel it does not meet your needs. A full refund will be allowed if the Certificate and Schedule are returned to the Agent shown in the Schedule within 14 days, provided no claims and no trips have commenced.


If you would like to make an insurance claim, please go to our Contact Us page to us a claims message

Main Exclusions

No cover shall be operative under this Certificate for trips to, from or within the following territories / countries, unless such trips are declared to and agreed by Underwriters prior to travel.
Ivory Coast, Palestinian Territories, & Ukraine.

Should cover be extended, the Underwriters reserve the right to:

Policy Wording

For the insurance wording and IPID’s (Insurance Product Information Document) that relate to available policies please go to the bottom of the Insurance Benefits page

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